Cheryl Cole – “Messy Little Raindrops” Details

Published October 06th 2010
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Cheryl Cole’s team sent out a newsletter today with details of her upcoming album, Messy Little Raindrops. It’s an eleven track album again, featuring three duets with Travie McCoy, August Rigo and Dizzee Rascal. Everybody, Everyone was described in the newsletter as a “sure-fire hit” and a “killer collaboration with the one and only Dizzee Rascal“, so we can assume it will be the third single following Promise This and The Flood. The album cover and list of producers are yet to be revealed.

The track listing as announced in the newsletter:

01. Promise This
02. The Flood
03. Yeah Yeah (feat. Travie McCoy)
04. Better To Lie (feat. August Rigo)
05. Everybody, Everyone (feat. Dizzee Rascal)
06. Raindrops
07. Cold Heart
08. Hummingbird
09. Amnesia
10. Happy Tears
11. Waiting

One thing about the track titles which stands out immediately is the fact that a lot of the titles are similar to recent songs by other artists. The Promise by Girls Aloud, The Flood by Take That, Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry, Amnesia by Britney Spears and Waiting by Girls Aloud. This is either a coincidence or else Cheryl’s lyrical inspiration for a number of tracks is heavily influenced by other artists’ ideas.

Messy Little Raindrops is released November 1st through Fascination Records.

P!nk – “Raise Your Glass”

Published October 05th 2010
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Raise Your Glass, from P!nk’s upcoming greatest hits album, Greatest Hits…So Far!!!, just premiered via her official site.

The Max Martin track is a clear progression from her last lead single, So What, and the perfect single to sell a greatest hits album with.

While there are clear elements of Max Martin and Dr. Luke’s current sound from songs like Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, P!nk always manages to make these tracks sound like her own with her angry, controversial lyrics and her very distinctive vocals. It’s not trying to be anything other than a catchy pop song and it doesn’t need to be. P!nk has plenty of time for artistic moments with her album tracks and Raise Your Glass perfectly carries on P!nk’s incredible collection of singles.

One lyric that stands out on first listen is a well known phrase reversed in the middle 8:

So if you’re too school for cool

Raise Your Glass is released November 8th followed by Greatest Hits…So Far!!! on November 15th.

Nadine Coyle – “Insatiable” Video Premiere

Published October 03rd 2010
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The video for Nadine Coyle’s long awaited debut single Insatiable, premiered today on 4Music. Like the song itself, it’s a bit uneventful and somewhat boring.

The whole video consists of Nadine behind a microphone stand with different backgrounds and outfits throughout the video. It doesn’t look like the sort of video an artist would make for their debut single, especially coming out of a hugely successful girlband. It looks more like the type of video an artist would make towards the end of an album campaign when its only purpose is to promote a tour and keep the album selling, but not with the intent of the single becoming a huge success.

Insatiable sounds like it belongs in 2004/2005 when the charts were saturated with a million Since U Been Gone’s. It doesn’t sound current and if it wasn’t Nadine fronting it, it would struggle to become a hit. It might even struggle to become a hit regardless of Nadine, judging by the reception the song has received so far.

Insatiable will be released on November 1st followed by the album of the same name on November 8th.

McFly – “Shine A Light” featuring Taio Cruz

Published October 02nd 2010
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The second single from McFly’s upcoming fifth studio album, Above The Noise, is the Taio Cruz track Shine A Light. Like Party Girl, it continues to showcase McFly’s change of sound but still manages to sound like a McFly song (which is a good thing).

Shine A Light sounds like a more mature Star Girl and a more electronic The Heart Never Lies. It also contains the album title, Above The Noise, in the second verse.

The only small problem with Shine A Light is the production. The song sounds quite empty and seems like there should be a build up, like the long crescendo throughout The Heart Never Lies, but it never happens. It just plods along with no big moment. Taio Cruz’s fifteen seconds of a middle 8 also seems a bit unnecessary but by him featuring the song, hopefully it will attract new listeners and the song will perform better than Party Girl.

Shine A Light will be released on November 8th followed by the album, Above The Noise, on November 15th.