On Air/On Sale?

Published June 27th 2011
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Recently there’s been a lot of discussion online about whether the On Air/On Sale method of releasing singles is a better approach than the traditional way of the single being played on air and then going on sale at a later date. It’s definitely a good way to reduce illegal downloads of singles and reduce the chances of singles leaking weeks before release. However, while it can increase single sales in the long run, the chart run and peak position for singles is greatly effected. This has been demonstrated most recently with smaller artists such as The Saturdays and Nicola Roberts.

The Saturdays’ latest single Notorious, while peaking at number 8, has been dropping down the chart since its On Air/On Sale release in May, but it’s starting to rise now that it has reached the physical CD release this week. At the moment Notorious is sitting at number 21 on the UK singles chart but by Sunday it will be clear whether On Air/On Sale worked in The Saturdays’ favour.

Britney Spears – “I Wanna Go” Video Premiere

Published June 22nd 2011
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Britney’s new video for I Wanna Go, the third single taken from Femme Fatale, premiered today on her official VEVO channel.

It’s definitely one of the best videos Britney has done for a long time as she seems a lot more normal, less frightened and shows some personality for once, especially in the little scene at the start. She looks “human” and more aware of her surroundings in comparison to the “spaced-out” Britney we’ve seen since the Black Out era.

Britney looks very Avril Lavigne circa 2007 with the pink streaks in her hair, and the scene where she climbs onto the taxi is almost like a homage to Sk8er Boi.

The video manages to be quite funny in parts, not only by Britney’s actions, but little details such as “Crossroads 2: Cross Harder” showing at the cinema, makes it less boring than her recent videos.

I Wanna Go is available now on iTunes worldwide.