Amelia Lily – “You Bring Me Joy” Music Video

Published July 31st 2012
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Amelia Lily’s music video for her debut single, You Bring Me Joy, has premiered on VEVO.

You Bring Me Joy was shot in L.A. with Amelia driving around with friends. While it’s not the most eventful video since most of it consists of shopping, spraying a guy with water guns and dancing on the beach, it doesn’t look like a debut video.

Amelia comes across very self-confident and convincing, especially in her scenes on the beach. The video is also edited well and suits the tone of the song.

You can watch the video for You Bring Me Joy below:

You Bring Me Joy is out on September 2nd followed by Amelia’s debut album later this year.

P!nk – “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” Music Video

Published July 28th 2012
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P!nk’s video for Blow Me (One Last Kiss) premiered on her official VEVO.

While it’s a good video and a different concept than expected, it doesn’t really fit the song at all.

You can watch the video for Blow Me (One Last Kiss) below:

Cheryl – “Under The Sun” Music Video

Published July 26th 2012
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Cheryl’s music video for Under The Sun premiered today on her official VEVO. Under The Sun is the second single to be taken from Cheryl’s third album, A Million lights.

Under The Sun’s video is reminiscent of Girls Aloud’s The Promise with it’s 60’s theme. The video isn’t at all what I expected it to be like. Nothing really happens in it except Cheryl walking around a diner and the streets with guys checking her out. For a song called Under The Sun, the video doesn’t have much sun in it. Cheryl breaks into a dance routine for the second pre-chorus and chorus where it turns to night time and begins to rain. Cheryl then returns to looking pretty in the diner.

Overall it’s a decent video but it’s just a bit boring compared to the highly energetic Call My Name video. Cheryl’s nice to look at though.

You can watch the video for Under The Sun below:

Under The Sun will be released on September 3rd through Polydor.

Little Mix – “Wings” Music Video

Published July 25th 2012
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The music video for Little Mix’s debut single Wings (not counting their X Factor winners single), premiered today.

The video is very Cher Lloyd. By that I mean it’s clearly aimed at a young audience and features a lot of colourful cartoon squiggles and lines layered on top of the video. Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger had similar effects.

The video comes across quite amateurish, which is allowed considering it’s a debut single but the girls seemed a lot more established and experienced on The X Factor and this doesn’t come across in the video. They also came across much more mature on The X Factor. However, it’s nice to see a girlband’s debut video for the first time and already know who they are and what kind of personalities they have, and the video manages to get this across.

You can watch the video for Wings below:

Wings is finally going to be released in the UK on August 19th. For such an important release for the girls, this single campaign has really been dragged out.

Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Good Time” Video

Published July 24th 2012
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The music video for Owl City’s collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen on his new single Good Time has premiered on VEVO. The video is very basic, doing exactly what the song is about; just having a good time at a party.

Following Call Me Maybe, Good Time is one of the catchiest, most infectious songs of the year. Although it’s not nearly as good as Call Me Maybe.

Good Time is already doing considerably well in the U.S., charting at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. I’m still looking forward to Carly’s own upcoming single, Curiosity.

You can watch the video for Good Time below:

Good Time is out on August 12th in the UK.