No Doubt – “Settle Down” Music Video

Published July 19th 2012
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The music video for Settle Down, No Doubt’s first single in a decade, premiered on VEVO.

In the video, the band are driving trucks trying to find a venue, before performing at a reggae-styled party which suits the sound of the song perfectly. At 6:14 length, it feels a bit long and repetitive. Gwen looks incredible though.

Settle Down is available to download now from iTunes.

Madonna – “Turn Up The Radio” Music Video

Published July 19th 2012
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Madonna’s video for her third single from MDNA, Turn Up The Radio, premiered on VEVO.

For most of the video Madonna is dancing in the back of a car which gets swarmed with fans and paparazzi as it drives. In other scenes Madonna has a party in the car.

It’s not the most exciting music video but it should do it’s job to help the most radio friendly single on the album become a hit.

Cheryl – “Call My Name” Video Premiere

Published May 02nd 2012
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The video for Cheryl’s new single Call My Name premiered today on her official VEVO channel. The video was shot in downtown Los Angeles and shows Cheryl dancing with a group of dancers and in a tunnel. There’s not many scenes in the video. The only other main scene is Cheryl driving at night.

While there’s not much of a storyline, the video looks really well. The dance routine fits the song perfect and has little homages to the routine for Fight For This Love. The video really emphasises just how big this song is going to be.

Call My Name is out June 10th followed by the album A Million Lights on June 18th.

Alphabeat – “Vacation” Music Video

Published April 13th 2012
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Alphabeat’s video for their new single Vacation premiered today. The video is set in an airport with the band members performing the song while air hostesses dance.

For a video that doesn’t have the biggest budget, Alphabeat made the most of their resources and managed to pull off quite a cool video. It’s very 80’s visually and very Alphabeat.

The song itself has grown on me so much and if another label picks the band up in the UK, they could have a big summer hit on their hands – “Fascination big”.

You can watch the video for Vacation below:

Vacation is available worldwide on iTunes.

The Saturdays – “30 Days” Music Video

Published April 05th 2012
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The Saturdays’ video for their new single 30 Days premiered online today. The video is set in a diner with the girls speed dating.

It’s not their best video and you can tell it didn’t have much of a budget, but it showcases the girls’ personalities really well.

Una’s baby bump, which she said would be photoshopped out, is still visible. At first it seems like she’s hiding her bump by standing behind the other girls but later she rubs her bump while on a speed date. The video also includes many close ups presumably to not draw too much attention to Una’s baby bump.

You can watch the video for 30 Days below: