Lady GaGa & Beyoncé – “Telephone” Video Premiere

Published March 12th 2010
Filed under Videos

The video for Lady GaGa’s second single from The Fame Monster, Telephone featuring Beyoncé, premiered last night. It’s over 9 minutes long and features a lot of dialog and cutting up of the song.

The storyline is quite simple, starting with Lady GaGa in a prison before Beyoncé bails her out and the two go off to a restaurant where they poison the customers before making their getaway.

Lady GaGa makes fun of press rumours that she’s half and half during the opening scenes of the video. The video also flashes back to some of her previous work with Paper Gangsta playing in the courtyard and her Paparazzi mug shot shown towards the end.

The video features a lot of product placement including Lady GaGa’s Heartbeats, Virgin, HP, Plenty of Fish, Bebo, Coca Cola and LG incorporated in a humourous way. The Coca Cola placement is probably the most humourous as Lady GaGa wears cans of Diet Coke in her hair.

While the song is cut up, it doesn’t matter too much as it’s a little overrated. Telephone is definitely all about the video which is really quite amazing.