Cheryl – “Call My Name” Video Premiere

Published May 02nd 2012
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The video for Cheryl’s new single Call My Name premiered today on her official VEVO channel. The video was shot in downtown Los Angeles and shows Cheryl dancing with a group of dancers and in a tunnel. There’s not many scenes in the video. The only other main scene is Cheryl driving at night.

While there’s not much of a storyline, the video looks really well. The dance routine fits the song perfect and has little homages to the routine for Fight For This Love. The video really emphasises just how big this song is going to be.

Call My Name is out June 10th followed by the album A Million Lights on June 18th.

Katy Perry Album Update

Published January 18th 2010
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Katy Perry has been busy in the studio since finishing The Hello Katy Tour last year. Since returning to the studio, she has been working with Greg Wells (Fingerprints and Ur So Gay), Timbaland (If We Ever Meet Again), The-Dream and Tricky Stewart who she just finished up some studio sessions with. Last Tuesday she went back into the studio with Dr. Luke (Hot ‘n’ Cold and I Kissed A Girl).

Dr. Luke told Music Mix on Wednesday:

I’m working on Katy Perry’s record right now. Literally, yesterday was our first day, but it was amazing. I’m really proud of the work we already did. You know, of my songs that I’ve done, Hot ‘n’ Cold was one of my favorite ones. It’s just fun. I like making songs where you can make people have a good time and have joy. That’s like the best thing you can possibly do, you know?

According to some sources Katy was also in the studio with Calvin Harris. The album, the follow up to 2008’s One of The Boys, is set for release sometime this year.