Nadine Coyle – “Gossip”

Published February 23rd 2018
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Nadine has released Gossip – the second song from her upcoming Nadine EP.

Gossip is a mid-tempo, moody Xenomania track that would fit beside Girls Aloud songs like Life Got Cold, Hear Me Out, No Regrets and Turn To Stone. It sounds like a track 9 on a Girls Aloud album (in a good way) as it’s not really a single but more like one of those songs that ends up being a fan favourite down the end of a Girls Aloud album. The intro is almost like an homage to Rolling Back The Rivers In Time the way Nadine starts off singing “I-I-I….”.

It’s good that Nadine has given us something different after two up-tempos with Girls On Fire and Go To Work.

Take a listen below:

Nadine EP will be released this April.

Nadine Coyle – “Insatiable” Video Premiere

Published October 03rd 2010
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The video for Nadine Coyle’s long awaited debut single Insatiable, premiered today on 4Music. Like the song itself, it’s a bit uneventful and somewhat boring.

The whole video consists of Nadine behind a microphone stand with different backgrounds and outfits throughout the video. It doesn’t look like the sort of video an artist would make for their debut single, especially coming out of a hugely successful girlband. It looks more like the type of video an artist would make towards the end of an album campaign when its only purpose is to promote a tour and keep the album selling, but not with the intent of the single becoming a huge success.

Insatiable sounds like it belongs in 2004/2005 when the charts were saturated with a million Since U Been Gone’s. It doesn’t sound current and if it wasn’t Nadine fronting it, it would struggle to become a hit. It might even struggle to become a hit regardless of Nadine, judging by the reception the song has received so far.

Insatiable will be released on November 1st followed by the album of the same name on November 8th.

All That Junk – 26/2

Published February 26th 2010
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Nadine Coyle has recorded over 40 songs for her debut solo effort according to her manager Bruce Garfield. (Twitter link)

Diana Vickers will be sending out some important news on Monday afternoon through her newsletter which is expected be the music video for her debut single Once or an announcement about its premier date. (Twitter link)

Lady GaGa’s The Fame has gone diamond worldwide with sales of over 10,000,000. The Fame is the first album to do so since Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. (Twitter link)

Lily Allen is postponing her retirement from music until June when she will be supporting Jay-Z at the Wireless Festival in London. (Twitter link)

Frankmusik believes his work-in-progress second album is sounding “crazy”. (Twitter link)

Latest Sugababe, Jade Ewen has promised she will take her top off on Twitter if Sugababes’ new single Wear My Kiss peaks in the top 5 of the UK singles chart. (Twitter link)

Annie is going to an exhibition. (Twitter link)

Cheryl Cole Working With Ryan Tedder

Published January 18th 2010
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According to reports, Cheryl Cole is working with Ryan Tedder on some new tracks. Some sources are saying Cheryl is looking for a U.S. career and is bringing 3 Words over there repackaged. Other sources are jumping to the conclusion that Cheryl is working on her second album already. Neither have been confirmed but after the success of 3 Words, it’s not surprising that Cheryl wants more and with Nadine Coyle’s album out so late in the year, which could halt any chances of Girls Aloud returning by the end of the year, why shouldn’t she want more?

Fans of course are worried about Cheryl working with Ryan, in fear of another one of his signature hits (Already Gone, Halo, Bleeding Love) being given to her which definitely wouldn’t work for an artist like Cheryl. What people need to remember is, Ryan does have some very good songs that weren’t huge hits but would be more suiting to Cheryl and with her public persona she could excel similar songs to be the hits they deserve to be. Such songs include:

Hilary DuffGypsy Woman, Holiday, Reach Out
Shayne WardTell Him
Natasha BedingfieldLove Like This
SugababesThank You For The Heartbreak
Kelly ClarksonTip of My Tongue, Impossible, If I Can’t Have You

Songs in the same vein as the one’s above, made to sound more like Cheryl’s sound, could really work for her and launch her career in the U.S. along with 3 Words and possibly Fight For This Love.