Cheryl Sings “Live” Again

Published March 29th 2010
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While I like Cheryl Cole and overlooked the fact that she mimes her way through most performances because of the demanding, energetic routines which put on a good show, it’s no excuse for any singer to mime while standing still.

Cheryl “performed” Fight For This Love on French radio on a show similar to Radio One’s Live Lounge in the UK, standing still behind a mic stand, mouthing the lyrics to a pre-recorded vocal of Fight For This Love out of sync. What’s worse is there was no need for her to mime since there was no dance routine involved and she proved that she’s more than capable of doing a decent live performance as she did last week with her current UK single Parachute and a cover of Owl City’s Fireflies on Radio One’s Live Lounge in the UK. Fight For This Love is not a vocally demanding song and a singer should be able to breeze through it with no problems.

On top of that, the pre-recorded vocal which Cheryl mimed to while rooted to the spot, was the exact same pre-recorded, purposely flawed vocal that she used for her performances of Fight For This Love at The Brits and the Danish version of The X Factor. The least she could do is record a new vocal for each performance to make it sound somewhat convincing.

At this rate, when Cheryl returns to the UK, she’ll be marched straight into the studio to lay down purposely flawed, pre-recorded vocals for the entire setlist as supporting act for The Black Eyed Peas European tour this summer.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Bittersweet” Video Premiere

Published March 26th 2010
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The video for Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s lead single Bittersweet from her forthcoming album Straight To The Heart premiered. It’s a very simple video with trampolines, wind machines and dancers. There’s no plot but it definitely suits the song and looks really artistic for what could have been a cheap looking video.

It would have been better if the Freemasons‘ remix was used for the radio edit but the radio edit is still quite good. It’s a strong single to lead the album with and if the rest of the album is up to this standard, we’re in for quite a good album campaign.

Bittersweet will be released on May 3rd through Fascination Records.

Never Judge An Album By Its Cover

Published March 14th 2010
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Diana Vickers’ team revealed the album artwork for her upcoming debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree but unfortunately it’s a bit of a let down since everything about this project has been going so well. It looks like someone at RCA Records had some fun with Photoshop instead of portraying who Diana is as an artist on her debut album’s artwork.

As you can see it’s a bit average in comparison to the rest of the campaign and the incredible songs that are on it. The album title Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree is no where to be seen and it looks more like a self-titled album. It even pales in comparison to the single cover for Diana’s debut single Once.

The fans on Diana’s official site are already causing an uproar over the artwork so hopefully RCA will have the sense to change it. If it doesn’t get changed, hopefully potential buyers will realise the cover has no reflection on the quality of the songs it contains which are all everything this cover is not i.e. amazing.

Lady GaGa & Beyoncé – “Telephone” Video Premiere

Published March 12th 2010
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The video for Lady GaGa’s second single from The Fame Monster, Telephone featuring Beyoncé, premiered last night. It’s over 9 minutes long and features a lot of dialog and cutting up of the song.

The storyline is quite simple, starting with Lady GaGa in a prison before Beyoncé bails her out and the two go off to a restaurant where they poison the customers before making their getaway.

Lady GaGa makes fun of press rumours that she’s half and half during the opening scenes of the video. The video also flashes back to some of her previous work with Paper Gangsta playing in the courtyard and her Paparazzi mug shot shown towards the end.

The video features a lot of product placement including Lady GaGa’s Heartbeats, Virgin, HP, Plenty of Fish, Bebo, Coca Cola and LG incorporated in a humourous way. The Coca Cola placement is probably the most humourous as Lady GaGa wears cans of Diet Coke in her hair.

While the song is cut up, it doesn’t matter too much as it’s a little overrated. Telephone is definitely all about the video which is really quite amazing.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor & Freemasons – “Bittersweet”

Published March 09th 2010
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The Freemasons version of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s upcoming single Bittersweet has made its way onto the internet after premiering on radio last night. It sounds incredible. Very euphoric dance-pop which will sound amazing in a club. The sound is huge. Having heard clips of the album version, the Freemasons version is definitely the superior version. Bittersweet could be a massive hit for Sophie.

You can listen to a clip of the Freemasons version below:


Bittersweet is still without a set release date and the album is yet to be titled since Sophie declared the title Make A Scene to be not good enough via her Twitter.