Never Judge An Album By Its Cover

Published March 14th 2010 by
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Diana Vickers’ team revealed the album artwork for her upcoming debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree but unfortunately it’s a bit of a let down since everything about this project has been going so well. It looks like someone at RCA Records had some fun with Photoshop instead of portraying who Diana is as an artist on her debut album’s artwork.

As you can see it’s a bit average in comparison to the rest of the campaign and the incredible songs that are on it. The album title Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree is no where to be seen and it looks more like a self-titled album. It even pales in comparison to the single cover for Diana’s debut single Once.

The fans on Diana’s official site are already causing an uproar over the artwork so hopefully RCA will have the sense to change it. If it doesn’t get changed, hopefully potential buyers will realise the cover has no reflection on the quality of the songs it contains which are all everything this cover is not i.e. amazing.