Cheryl Cole – “Parachute”

Published December 14th 2009
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The follow up to Cheryl Cole’s 2nd single 3 Words has been confirmed as Parachute. Cheryl made her debut TV performance of the track on Saturday night during Cheryl Cole’s Night In. Although not the most single worthy track on the album, it will end her short term solo career off on a high as judging by the iTunes chart, it looks set to be another hit.

Cheryl Cole – “3 Words” Video Premier

Published November 27th 2009
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The music video for Cheryl Cole’s upcoming single 3 Words featuring Will.I.Am premiered earlier today. The video is very different to Cheryl’s debut Fight For This Love as this time it’s not Cheryl dancing in front of a green screen. The video is edited into a split screen effect showing Cheryl and Will on each side of the screen making it look like Cheryl and Will didn’t film the video together.

The video doesn’t really go anywhere although many would argue that the song doesn’t either. Overall I don’t like it yet but maybe after watching it a few more views I might change my mind.

Sugababes – “About A Girl” Music Video

Published October 12th 2009
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The video for the debut single from Sugababes 4.0 About A Girl has been released following a rough edit which surfaced on the internet late last week. The final edit still features Amelle’s little “slip” at around 3:25 in the video (3:08 in the remix video). Below is the Sharp Boys Club Radio Edit using the final video edit:

While a good effort and idea, it wasn’t executed very well and comes across as slightly cheap and the actors (originally 3.0’s stunt doubles) could be mistaken for the Sugababes themselves by the casual viewer.