Avril In Wonderland

Published January 08th 2010 by
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Variety.com has revealed that Avril Lavigne is set to release Alice (Underground) as the lead single from her forthcoming fourth album which she has described as very introspective and stripped down. Alice (Underground) will also serve as the soundtrack single from Tim Burton’s upcoming Disney film Alice In Wonderland.

Variety.com mentions:

Much like penning the opening song for a James Bond film, top-shelf performers savor the opportunity to write a Disney tune. In March, the studio will throw its weight behind Avril Lavigne’s Alice (Underground) from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

In a recent interview Avril described her upcoming record:

I started this record off really slow, just writing songs at home on my piano. I didn’t work with a ton of people this time. This record, I just really, really wanted to sing. We started recording each song, some of them, just with acoustic guitar and the vocal and building it from there. It’s stripped down. I love performing that way, so I really felt like it was time to make a record like that. To just make it all about the vocal and the performance, and the vibe, and the emotion.

Alice (Underground) is set for release on March 5th through RCA Records.