“If We Ever Meet Again”…Again

Published January 06th 2010 by
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We blogged about this song few weeks ago just after the release of Timbaland’s third album Shock Value 2. Timbaland’s duet with Katy Perry, If We Ever Meet Again, is now set for a single release. The video was shot in December and the single is pencilled in for a February 15th release in the UK.

Timbaland said in a recent interview with MTV:

When I did this song, I was in love with this record called … you’re gonna be surprised. The record didn’t have anything to do with [If We Ever Meet Again], but when I heard I Gotta Feeling, I said, “I want a record just like that on my album”. I said, “I gotta do me a I Gotta Feeling record”. Me and one of my producers, Jim Beanz, we came up with this concept. I said, [I Gotta Feeling] is happy, but I like it.’ It gives a good feeling.

Get ready to hear If We Ever Meet Again played to death for months in every club following its February 15th release.