Listen to Amelle’s “God Won’t Save You Now”

Published March 09th 2012 by
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Amelle’s debut single, God Won’t Save You Now, has hit the internet in full. You can listen to the track below.

I’m not too impressed with the song as a whole. It does have good elements to it, like the verses in particular, but the chorus gets a bit annoying by the time you get to the second chorus. The middle eight is basically just the chorus broken down and even that doesn’t manage to restore my interest by the end of the song.

There’s no denying that Amelle’s vocal delivery is excellent and this is exactly the type of genre she should be aiming for as a solo artist. However, the chorus lacks more lyrics and a less repetitive melody. I think this song would hugely benefit from a pre-chorus, before breaking into the chorus the song currently has.