The Saturdays’ “Headlines” Details

Published July 14th 2010 by
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The Saturdays have revealed the album artwork to their third album Headlines which is to be released in August following the lead single Missing You. It’s definitely the best album cover they’ve had so far which includes the return of their original logo which hasn’t been seen since their debut album, Chasing Lights, and as always, the girls’ individual colours have been incorporated.

The album tracklisting has also been released which confirms one of the rumoured tracklisting’s to be true:

01. Missing You
02. Ego
03. Higher
04. Forever Is Over
05. Died In Your Eyes
06. Karma
07. Puppet
08. One Shot (Starsmith Mix)

It makes sense to include previous singles, Ego and Forever Is Over, from their previous album, Wordshaker, as an incentive for people who didn’t buy Wordshaker to buy Headlines. One Shot was a fan favourite on Wordshaker so the remix can only improve it. Although it’s only eight tracks long, we already know that Forever Is Over, Ego, One Shot, Missing You and Higher are all great songs meaning there’s not much room for filler on this mini album which will hopefully sell more copies than Wordshaker did. Since hearing it live, Higher sounds like it could be a huge second single.

Missing You is released August 8th followed by Headlines on August 16th through Fascination Records.