Jessie J – “Wild” Video Premiere

Published May 29th 2013
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Jessie J’s video for Wild featuring Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal premiered. The video is in black and white and it’s a bit of a non-event. It’s basically just the three artists in a warehouse performing the song.

Check the video out below:

Jessie J – “Wild” New Single

Published May 26th 2013
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jessie-j-wild-coverJessie J’s new single Wild was released to iTunes worldwide. The video also leaked in low quality.

The full song isn’t as good as I was expecting. The acoustic version showed the song to have a lot of potential. The production on the studio version sounds a bit cheap and noisy and takes away from the very strong melodies which are more apparent in the acoustic version. Both Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal add nothing to the song. Dizzee Rascal’s part is way too long. The only saving grace is that the chorus manages to redeem the rest of the song’s messy production and with it being so catchy, it will be eaten up by radio.

Check out the audio stream of Wild below:

Wild is available now on iTunes.

Jessie J – “Wild” Acoustic Preview

Published May 22nd 2013
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Jessie J has uploaded a preview of the acoustic version of her new song Wild. From the 1 minute clip it sounds pretty good. The chorus is really strong and with a full production radio will eat it up.

Hopefully the studio version with Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal won’t ruin what sounds like potentially a big hit for Jessie.

Wild is the first single from Jessie’s upcoming second studio album.

All That Junk – 17/5

Published May 17th 2013
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Miley Cyrus has announced via Twitter that her new single is called We Can’t Stop. (Twitter link)

Jessie J also announced via Twitter that her new single is called Wild and features Dizzee Rascal and Big Sean. (Twitter link)

Kelly Clarkson has a cameo in a new TV comedy called The Crazy Ones. (YouTube link)

Diana Vickers has recorded an acoustic version of her single Cinderella. (YouTube link)