Britney Spears – “Work Bitch” New Single

Published September 15th 2013
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Britney Spears’ new single Work Bitch, from her upcoming 8th studio album, has leaked a day early. The track is produced by and Antony Preston.

On first listen, Work Bitch sounds a bit messy. Britney talks for most of the song. It sounds like gave Britney her own solo version of Scream & Shout. Britney is heard doing her British accent again – as heard on Scream & Shout. It’s possibly her weakest lead single ever but hopefully after a few listens it will grow on me.

Take a listen to Work Bitch below:

Work Bitch is out tomorrow (September 16th) on iTunes.

Britney Spears Teases New Single “Work Bitch”

Published September 08th 2013
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Britney posted a photo from the video shoot for her upcoming single on Instagram with the caption “#WorkBitch”. Work Bitch is rumoured to be the title of the new single.

Check out the picture below:


Britney also tweeted:

Hot day on set… ;) A little dirty, little flirty, danced my ASS off. Stoked for tomorrow!

Full details will be revealed on September 17th when Britney appears on Good Morning America.

Britney Spears – “Ooh La La” New Single

Published May 17th 2013
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smurf-art-britney-spears-oohlalaBritney Spears’ new single Ooh La La for The Smurfs 2 soundtrack has made its way onto the internet. The song is written by Dr. Luke and Bonnie McKee. The production is typical Dr. Luke repeating himself as it sounds like something that would’ve been on Ke$ha’s album. It also contains some of Bonnie’s vocals layered with Britney’s.

There’s not much to the song but it’s nice to listen to. The chorus has a strong melody which reminds me a bit of Madonna’s Superstar from the way the “ooh la la” parts are sung.

Listen to Ooh La La below:

Edit: Britney confirmed via Twitter that this is only the demo:

@britneyspears: I heard an early demo of #OohLaLa smurfed its way onto the internet today :( The real version will be at radio and iTunes June 16th :)

Edit: This “early demo” turned out to be identical to the final version.

Britney Spears – “I Wanna Go” Video Premiere

Published June 22nd 2011
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Britney’s new video for I Wanna Go, the third single taken from Femme Fatale, premiered today on her official VEVO channel.

It’s definitely one of the best videos Britney has done for a long time as she seems a lot more normal, less frightened and shows some personality for once, especially in the little scene at the start. She looks “human” and more aware of her surroundings in comparison to the “spaced-out” Britney we’ve seen since the Black Out era.

Britney looks very Avril Lavigne circa 2007 with the pink streaks in her hair, and the scene where she climbs onto the taxi is almost like a homage to Sk8er Boi.

The video manages to be quite funny in parts, not only by Britney’s actions, but little details such as “Crossroads 2: Cross Harder” showing at the cinema, makes it less boring than her recent videos.

I Wanna Go is available now on iTunes worldwide.