Nelly Furtado – “The Ride” Album Breakdown

Published March 30th 2017
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Nelly Furtado releases her 6th studio album The Ride tomorrow, March 31st. Released independently through her own record label Nelstar, The Ride sees Nelly experiment with a new sound while still sounding like a Nelly Furtado album.

All 12 tracks on The Ride are produced by John Congleton. The vocal production and Nelly’s singing style are a lot less grating than 2012’s Spirit Indestructible which often verged on screeching.

The highlights are Carnival Games, Magic, Arlissa cover Sticks And Stones and closing ballad Phoenix which was the first track Nelly recorded for the album and shows off a different singing style for Nelly.

Here’s a breakdown of the tracks:

Cold Hard Truth
Carnival Games
Paris Sun
Sticks And Stones
Pipe Dreams
Tap Dancing
Right Road

Take a listen to The Ride below: