Lady Gaga – “The Cure” New Single

Published April 16th 2017
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Lady Gaga has released a new single called The Cure mid-Joanne campaign. She premiered the single last night live at Coachella.

The Cure is a tropical dance pop track which fits in with everything else on radio right now. Co-produced by Gaga herself with Nick Monson, it sounds nothing like anything on Joanne which is making everyone wonder what is this single for?

It can’t be a re-release as The Cure would completely ruin the vibe of Joanne. Maybe Gaga is intending on releasing an EDM album to accompany Joanne. She worked with RedOne during the Joanne sessions (one RedOne track made Joanne) and Bloodpop may not have just done Joanne-style tracks so there could be a whole other dance pop album ready to go.

Either way, The Cure might not be groundbreaking for Gaga but it’s ridiculously catchy and her vocal is the popiest she’s sounded since The Fame. This could be huge.

Take a listen to The Cure below:

Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop” Video Premiere

Published June 19th 2013
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Miley Cyrus’ video for We Can’t Stop premiered today on VEVO. It’s like a low budget version of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance (even though that was quite low budget too) and not nearly as entertaining to watch.

Check out the video below:

We Can’t Stop is available now on iTunes.

Madonna – “Girl Gone Wild” Music Video

Published March 21st 2012
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Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild music video premiered today on VEVO. It’s one of her best videos in years. The video is shot mostly in black and white.

There’s been some online criticisms that it rips of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro music video but in fact, the Girl Gone Wild video serves as a homage to many of Madonna’s iconic videos.

You can watch the video for Girl Gone Wild below:

McFly – “Party Girl” New Single

Published July 14th 2010
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McFly have taken a risk and changed up their sound completely for their fifth studio album, having re-signed a new profit-sharing deal with their old record label, Island Records. The lead single is the Dallas Austin produced, Party Girl, which sounds a bit like McFly singing their own version of Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance.

While Party Girl is a departure in sound for McFly, it still sounds like a McFly track somehow. This is probably because the vocals aren’t edited too much so they’re still quite distinctive, but Party Girl also somewhat sounds like a progression from their single Lies.

McFly also announced their second single from the, yet to be titled, new album would be the Taio Cruz track Shine A Light later in the year, along with the launch of their new Super City website and a thirty minute movie which will accompany Party Girl.

Party Girl will be released on September 6th through Island Records.

Lady GaGa – “Alejandro” Video Teaser

Published June 02nd 2010
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Last night, a nineteen second teaser from Lady GaGa’s next single from The Fame Monster, Alejandro, was released. The short clip is in black and white which might be only for the teaser effect, the full version might be unveiled in colour.

The video seems very simple so far, compared to the mini movie that was the Telephone video. In one scene, Lady GaGa is shot standing in an empty room with a black backdrop while her dancers are seen walking out of, what looks like, a stadium. Another scene shows GaGa with a man, presumably the character Alejandro.

From the preview, it doesn’t look like the Alejandro video will be the mini series of events which the Telephone video had, but it does look interesting and leaves you wanting to find out what exactly it’s about.

The full version of the Alejandro will be released next Monday, June 7th, according to GaGa’s reliable fansite, GaGaDaily.