Halsey – “Now Or Never” New Single & Video

Published April 05th 2017
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Halsey has released her first single Now Or Never from her upcoming second album hopeless fountain kingdom.

Now Or Never sounds like more of the same from Halsey’s debut Badlands. It was produced by Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat and Happy Perez. It also sounds a bit too similar to I’m A Ruin by Marina And The Diamonds and Needed Me by Rihanna.

Now Or Never is not what I expected for the first single after the success of CloserHalsey’s massive collaboration with The Chainsmokers last year. At best Now Or Never is an album track. Hopefully hopeless fountain kingdom has more single worthy material on it.

As well as releasing the single, Halsey premiered the video too.

Check out the Now Or Never video below:

Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” New Album Track

Published August 25th 2013
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tumblr_ms2k02Fw7s1saom5so2_1280Miley Cyrus has released a new track called Wrecking Ball from her upcoming album Bangers as part of the iTunes pre-order. Wrecking Ball definitely isn’t a “banger” but it’s a great song and completely different from the lead single We Can’t Stop.

Wrecking Ball is a ballad with a big rock chorus and definitely a contender for a single at some point. It sounds like a more current When I Look At You mixed with Firebomb by Rihanna and lyrically verging on Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield. The verses are much stronger than the chorus because they’re more original.

Take a listen to Wrecking Ball below:

Bangers is out on October 7th.

The Wanted – “Drunk On Love” New B-Side

Published June 24th 2013
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The Wanted have released their new single Walks Like Rihanna but it’s the b-side Drunk On Love that’s gaining a lot of attention online. Drunk On Love, which is co-written by Tom Parker, is so catchy and it’s much more of a Wanted track than the a-side. It’s reminiscent of Glad You Came. Initially I was expecting it to be a cover of Rihanna’s Drunk On Love because of the a-side.

Listen to Drunk On Love below:

Walks Like Rihanna is out now featuring Drunk On Love on the EP and CD single.

Rihanna – “Te Amo” Video Premiere

Published May 30th 2010
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Rihanna’s video for Te Amo, the third international single from Rated R, premiered this week. Some scenes are quite similar to her video for Disturbia while others are very different for Rihanna, as she’s seen with a girl love interest which adheres to the lyrics of the song.

Te Amo will be released on June 11th internationally through Def Jam.