Nadine Coyle – “Gossip”

Published February 23rd 2018
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Nadine has released Gossip – the second song from her upcoming Nadine EP.

Gossip is a mid-tempo, moody Xenomania track that would fit beside Girls Aloud songs like Life Got Cold, Hear Me Out, No Regrets and Turn To Stone. It sounds like a track 9 on a Girls Aloud album (in a good way) as it’s not really a single but more like one of those songs that ends up being a fan favourite down the end of a Girls Aloud album. The intro is almost like an homage to Rolling Back The Rivers In Time the way Nadine starts off singing “I-I-I….”.

It’s good that Nadine has given us something different after two up-tempos with Girls On Fire and Go To Work.

Take a listen below:

Nadine EP will be released this April.

Diana Vickers – “Music To Make Boys Cry” Album Review

Published September 13th 2013
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Diana Vickers’ second album Music To Make Boys Cry is finally out after what feels like a life time of a wait. It’s been over three years since her debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree was released.

Music To Make Boys Cry is a huge progression for Diana. Every track on the album deserves to be on it. There’s no filler. Even though some songs were recorded two years ago, it still feels very current.

MusicToMakeBoysCryMusic To Make Boys Cry, the title track, was one of the songs Diana gave away for free at the end of 2011. The updated version on the album sounds a lot more full. Its only fault is the excluded ad-lib on the final chorus.

Cinderella, while being the first single, was one of the first songs recorded for the album and definitely contains elements of different songs on the album. It’s clear that this song was a template for the direction of the album. The chorus still reminds me of the Tony Lamezma remix of Girls Aloud’s Call The Shots.

Lightning Strikes is probably the most pop song on the album. It’s full of catchy melodies and hooks. Lyrically it’s very similar to Natasha Bedingfield’s Touch. The chorus is so infectious and only gets better when the final chorus hits and the “hey, na, na, na, na, na, hey” is added which sounds like a sample of Dario G’s Sunchyme. It’s definitely a contender for the third single.

Dead Heat is a lot more laid back than the first three tracks. It’s mid-tempo dance pop. It reminds me of something that would’ve fit onto Hilary Duff’s Dignity.

Boy In Paris is one of the tracks that leaked early. Diana premiered a short clip of this song on her SoundCloud shortly after she gave away Music To Make Boys Cry. The full version subsequently leaked. This new version on the album has slight changes. The 8-bit video game intro has new production with a more subtle bass line, the second verse has added background production and the final chorus has a brand new instrumental. This is also a single contender.

Mad At Me is one of the less instant tracks on the album. The melodies aren’t as catchy. It’s like Diana tried to make her own version of the track Hit (The Sugarcubes cover) from her debut album. This is definitely a grower.

Smoke is the first slow moment on the album. It’s a heart-wrenching ballad. It’s not single material but it’s one of those album tracks that fans will wish to be a single.

Mr. Postman reminds me of an old Christmas song. It takes a while to get into it but once the first chorus hits, the song soars. Diana sounds a bit like Ashlee Simpson singing the verses. It has some funny lyrics like “you” and “don’t mean we’re lovers just because you follow me on Twitter”.

Diana was spoiled for album titles with these songs. Love Sounds Better In French would’ve made a great title. Better In French – the shortened title, is one of the songs Diana performed at all her summer shows last year. It’s dark, electro-dance song. It’s the other less instant song on the album but seems to grow every listen.

Blame Game is one of the newer songs Diana recorded for this album. It’s very Girls Aloud and could’ve easily fit on Out of Control. It’s another track full of strong pop-hooks and melodies. It closes the album on a high.

Hopefully this album sells a decent amount so that So Recordings warrant a third album from Diana, and more singles from this one. It’s such a strong album and deserves to be a success.

Music To Make Boys Cry is out on September 15th.

Diana Vickers – “Cinderella” New Single

Published April 24th 2013
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cinderellaDiana Vickers has signed a new record deal with So Recordings. The first single to be lifted from her long-awaited second album is called Cinderella. The album, Music To Make Boys Cry, will finally be released later this year.

Cinderella is co-penned with Xenomania’s Miranda Cooper. On first listen, the chorus reminded me of the Tony Lamezma remix of Girls Aloud’s Call The Shots. It’s no surprise that they both sound similar due to Miranda’s involvement in both.

Although Cinderella is not as instant as the free downloads Music To Make Boys Cry or Boy In Paris, it’s still very catchy and after a few listens it clicks. Diana’s diction is much easier to understand than most of the songs on her debut album, possibly due to the polished production. Her upcoming album is shaping up to be quite a stunning follow up to 2010’s Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree.

You can watch the lyric video for Cinderella below:

Cinderella will be released on July 19th.

Amelia Lily – “You Bring Me Joy” Music Video

Published July 31st 2012
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Amelia Lily’s music video for her debut single, You Bring Me Joy, has premiered on VEVO.

You Bring Me Joy was shot in L.A. with Amelia driving around with friends. While it’s not the most eventful video since most of it consists of shopping, spraying a guy with water guns and dancing on the beach, it doesn’t look like a debut video.

Amelia comes across very self-confident and convincing, especially in her scenes on the beach. The video is also edited well and suits the tone of the song.

You can watch the video for You Bring Me Joy below:

You Bring Me Joy is out on September 2nd followed by Amelia’s debut album later this year.