Avril Lavigne – “Here’s To Never Growing Up” Music Video

Published May 09th 2013 by
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Avril Lavigne’s new video for Here’s To Never Growing Up premiered today. While the video is a typical band performance video with a few other scenes thrown in, the most interesting thing about the video is Avril’s self-awareness.

Like the song, the video also demonstrates further how Avril knows very well that both her music and style are much younger than her actual age. She looks like she hasn’t aged a day since 2007. But the video pushes that even further and points out that Avril really hasn’t aged much since even 2002. Halfway through the video, the “Sk8er Girl” Lavigne, nostalgically skates down a school hallway dressed in her signature tie, tank top, knee-length jeans combination that she was known for during her debut album days. If you didn’t know Avril is 28, you’d easily mistake her for her 16 year old self she’s portraying. This scene also points out what a good greatest hits single Here’s To Never Growing Up could’ve been.

The video itself could’ve been much better than a band performing at a high school prom. I always imagined it would be an summer night party in a park with Avril performing the song sitting on a park bench surrounded by her friends while raising an actual cup instead of the cup raising hand gesture seen in the actual video.

You can watch the video for Here’s To Never Growing Up below:

Here’s To Never Growing Up is available now on iTunes.