Diana Vickers – “The Boy Who Murdered Love”

Published June 02nd 2010 by
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Diana Vickers’ second single, The Boy Who Murdered Love, from her debut album, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree, premiered today. In comparison to her debut video for Once, The Boy Who Murdered Love was not shot in a studio but it contain lots of cartoon animations throughout. These kind of animations in videos seem to be popular lately, as they are also used in Ke$ha’s video for Your Love Is My Drug. However, unlike the latter, the cartoon animations look very fitting in The Boy Who Murdered Love.

The video is set at Diana’s house in various rooms where she is seen surrounded by love letters, dead roses, old photographs and a vinyl player. The cartoon animations around her make her house seem like a crime scene where the “murder of love” took place. Other cartoons include a bow and arrows, roses changing from red to black, angel wings, wall and floor cracks, the house filling with water and a tomb stone with “LOVE R.I.P.” engraved on it in the garden.

The video references the movie The Shining. Diana’s ex-boyfriend in the video is seen holding a mug shot card displaying “REDRUM” (“MURDER” spelled backwards) as seen in the movie. The scenes of Diana in the bath in her clothes and the house filling with water while crumbling down are also references to The Shining. At the end of the video, Diana is seen walking up a cartoon yellow brick road alongside a sign for “Happiness”, with a rainbow overhead which references The Wizard of Oz also.

Overall, the video for The Boy Who Murdered Love is a step in the right direction for Diana as it perfectly captures who she is as an artist which the video for Once failed to portray.

The Boy Who Murdered Love will be released on July 12th through RCA Records.