Ke$ha – “Your Love Is My Drug” Video Premiere

Published May 13th 2010 by
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Ke$ha’s video for Your Love Is My Drug, the third single from her debut album Animal, premiered today. As a single, Your Love Is My Drug was a smart choice since it’s very similar to her debut TiK ToK, and it’s a sure fire hit for the summer. The video isn’t a typical Ke$ha video since she’s not drunk and she actually looks clean for once.

Your Love Is My Drug is set in the desert in which Ke$ha’s walks around singing, becomes a tiger, rides an elephant and tries to sail a boat on the sand before the video turns into a cartoon, presumably symbolising that her love for her boyfriend in the video is like a drug hallucination.

For the middle-eight of the song, the video shows Ke$ha in the dark with UV paint all over her body similar to her performance of Your Love Is My Drug on Saturday Night Live. The use of UV paint seems to be done quite a lot lately and can be seen in recent videos such as Alphabeat’s DJ, Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling and more.

The talking part at the end of the song, which could have been a disaster in the video, was carried out surprisingly well. While the video is decent overall, it could have been better had the cartoon scenes been omitted.

Your Love Is My Drug is released June 6th through RCA Records.