Avril Lavigne – “Alice” Radio Premier

Published January 27th 2010
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Avril Lavigne’s new single Alice (previously titled Alice Underground) for the upcoming Tim Burton movie Alice In Wonderland premiered today on Ryan Seacrest’s Kiis FM radio show.

Alice starts off sounding heavy and quite dark with just a piano and drums. It’s a little surprising when Avril starts singing as her voice is almost unexpected after such a dark introduction. Sonically, it doesn’t sound too distant from her sound on Under My Skin.

Penned solely by Avril herself, lyrically it’s much more mature than most of The Best Damn Thing. However, vocally Avril hasn’t managed to shake off the “shouty” voice which she took on full time during The Best Damn Thing.

The best thirty seconds of the song are when Avril sings:

I found myself in Wonderland
Get back on my feet again
Is this real, is this pretend?
I’ll take a stand until the end

Alice is a clear progression from Under My Skin and a huge progression from the step backwards she took with The Best Damn Thing. Had The Best Damn Thing never happened, Alice is exactly the sound Avril should have returned with after Under My Skin.

You can take a listen to Alice below:


I Gotta Sucky Feeling

Published January 26th 2010
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Muzic Junkie’s Sound Cloud account hadn’t been used properly yet so to start it off, I uploaded a mash up of two number 1 singles from 2009; I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas and My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson. They both fit quite well together.

Check it out:

I’ll post more of these mash ups when I make some.

“If We Ever Meet Again” Video Premier

Published January 18th 2010
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The video for Timbaland’s second international single If We Ever Meet Again from Shock Value 2 featuring Katy Perry premiered today. The storyline is based on a museum burglary in which Timbaland and Katy play undercover detectives. The other shots in the video show Timbaland and Katy dancing around together to the track.

Surprisingly, they left in the interlude at the end of the video which probably should have been cut but seems to be there only to tie up the story.

Katy Perry Album Update

Published January 18th 2010
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Katy Perry has been busy in the studio since finishing The Hello Katy Tour last year. Since returning to the studio, she has been working with Greg Wells (Fingerprints and Ur So Gay), Timbaland (If We Ever Meet Again), The-Dream and Tricky Stewart who she just finished up some studio sessions with. Last Tuesday she went back into the studio with Dr. Luke (Hot ‘n’ Cold and I Kissed A Girl).

Dr. Luke told Music Mix on Wednesday:

I’m working on Katy Perry’s record right now. Literally, yesterday was our first day, but it was amazing. I’m really proud of the work we already did. You know, of my songs that I’ve done, Hot ‘n’ Cold was one of my favorite ones. It’s just fun. I like making songs where you can make people have a good time and have joy. That’s like the best thing you can possibly do, you know?

According to some sources Katy was also in the studio with Calvin Harris. The album, the follow up to 2008’s One of The Boys, is set for release sometime this year.

Cheryl Cole Working With Ryan Tedder

Published January 18th 2010
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According to reports, Cheryl Cole is working with Ryan Tedder on some new tracks. Some sources are saying Cheryl is looking for a U.S. career and is bringing 3 Words over there repackaged. Other sources are jumping to the conclusion that Cheryl is working on her second album already. Neither have been confirmed but after the success of 3 Words, it’s not surprising that Cheryl wants more and with Nadine Coyle’s album out so late in the year, which could halt any chances of Girls Aloud returning by the end of the year, why shouldn’t she want more?

Fans of course are worried about Cheryl working with Ryan, in fear of another one of his signature hits (Already Gone, Halo, Bleeding Love) being given to her which definitely wouldn’t work for an artist like Cheryl. What people need to remember is, Ryan does have some very good songs that weren’t huge hits but would be more suiting to Cheryl and with her public persona she could excel similar songs to be the hits they deserve to be. Such songs include:

Hilary DuffGypsy Woman, Holiday, Reach Out
Shayne WardTell Him
Natasha BedingfieldLove Like This
SugababesThank You For The Heartbreak
Kelly ClarksonTip of My Tongue, Impossible, If I Can’t Have You

Songs in the same vein as the one’s above, made to sound more like Cheryl’s sound, could really work for her and launch her career in the U.S. along with 3 Words and possibly Fight For This Love.