Avril Lavigne – “Alice” Radio Premier

Published January 27th 2010 by
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Avril Lavigne’s new single Alice (previously titled Alice Underground) for the upcoming Tim Burton movie Alice In Wonderland premiered today on Ryan Seacrest’s Kiis FM radio show.

Alice starts off sounding heavy and quite dark with just a piano and drums. It’s a little surprising when Avril starts singing as her voice is almost unexpected after such a dark introduction. Sonically, it doesn’t sound too distant from her sound on Under My Skin.

Penned solely by Avril herself, lyrically it’s much more mature than most of The Best Damn Thing. However, vocally Avril hasn’t managed to shake off the “shouty” voice which she took on full time during The Best Damn Thing.

The best thirty seconds of the song are when Avril sings:

I found myself in Wonderland
Get back on my feet again
Is this real, is this pretend?
I’ll take a stand until the end

Alice is a clear progression from Under My Skin and a huge progression from the step backwards she took with The Best Damn Thing. Had The Best Damn Thing never happened, Alice is exactly the sound Avril should have returned with after Under My Skin.

You can take a listen to Alice below: