Alphabeat – “Vacation”

Published March 12th 2012 by
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Alphabeat’s new single Vacation has been released to iTunes worldwide. While many had hoped they would progress from the sound of their second album, The Beat Is… (also called The Spell), Vacation sees a return to the sound of Alphabeat’s debut album, This Is Alphabeat.

For such a summer-sounding song, it seems strange to release Vacation as the first single in Spring. Assuming Alphabeat have stronger tracks to come, it would’ve been much more suiting to release Vacation as the second single from the album during this summer. Vacation is nothing ground-breaking or inventive but it sticks to Alpbabeat’s mission to create pure pop songs. The only difference this time is, while their previous album (The Beat Is…) showcased pure pop with a cooler dance-pop sound, Vacation is cheesy pop which is a bit of a regression in sound for the group.

Vacation is still a great track but Alphabeat can do much, much better. The verses are stronger than the chorus. The chorus is a little too happy and lacks some better lyrics. However, the song is still enjoyable and has a catchy melody that gets stuck in your head which is what all good songs should do anyway.

Hopefully Vacation doesn’t foreshadow a regression in sound for the forthcoming album and the album has a mix between the best songs of the two previous albums.

Vacation is available to download today from iTunes worldwide.