Cheryl Cole – “Promise This” Single Premiere

Published September 14th 2010 by
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Cheryl Cole’s lead single, Promise This, from her upcoming sophomore album, premiered today on Chris Moyles’ BBC Radio 1 show. After the huge success of Fight For This Love, Cheryl returns with another Wayne Wilkins track, this time specially penned for Cheryl.

Promise This is very different to anything on her debut album, 3 Words. It’s more dance-pop and less r’n’b-lite. The only previous work by Cheryl that it could be compared to is the b-side, Boys, which shares similar production styles. It doesn’t sound much like anything else around right now but it sounds very fresh, yet current.

The track samples the well known French song Alouette. Cheryl metaphorically sings about plucking and spreading wings which is then used as a hook during the intro, post-chorus and outro of the song, but in French.

Alouette-ette-ette, alouette-ette-ette, alouette-ette-ette, déployer les ailes
Alouette-ette-ette, alouette-ette-ette, alouette-ette-ette, plumerai les ailes

Melodically, Cheryl’s vocal in the verses has a similarity to the verses of Rain On Me from her debut. The chorus is quite short like Fight For This Love’s chorus, but similarly the repetitive, French, post-chorus is the biggest hook in the song. Promise This, again will be a huge club hit for Cheryl as it’s quite uptempo, clocking in at 150bpm, faster than Fight For This Love’s 120bpm.

Promise This will be released on October 25th, following an X Factor performance and followed by her sophomore album, Messy Little Raindrops, on November 1st, through Fascination Records.