Maroon 5 – “Misery” and “Hands All Over”

Published July 13th 2010 by
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Maroon 5 have released the lead single, Misery, from their upcoming third album, Hands All Over. Misery is a typical Maroon 5 song, as it sticks to their unique sound which makes you instantly recognise that it’s Maroon 5 when you listen. While it doesn’t sound very innovative, it’s still a catchy song which is what Maroon 5 have always been about (although this may not be the best song to lead an album with, but it does sound similar to This Love).

The video for Misery premiered recently too. It’s also a typical Maroon 5 video as lead vocalist, Adam Levine, has a love interest as usual. However, this time his love interest treats him badly by beating him, throwing him off buildings, causing him to get knocked down by a car and stabbing his friends while still continuing to display her love for him by kissing him at the same time. It’s quite a funny video while still remaining somewhat true to the lyrics of Misery.

Hands All Over is scheduled for release on September 21st with the following tracklisting:

01. How
02. Never Gonna Leave
03. Wasted Years
04. Last Chance
05. Don’t Know Much About That
06. Out of Goodbyes (featuring Lady Antebellum)
07. I Can’t Lie
08. Give a Little More
09. Misery
10. Stutter
11. Hands All Over
12. Stay Out Of My Life