The Saturdays – “Gentleman” New Single

Published May 09th 2013 by
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gentlemanThe Saturdays’ second single, Gentleman, from their upcoming 5th studio album was sent to radio today. Gentleman shows a change in direction for The Saturdays. They’ve moved away from the dance-pop sound to a more r’n’b sound with the Priscilla Renea penned Gentleman.

Gentleman is all about the lyrics and the way the girls perform them. Not only are the lyrics hilarious and random, but they’re also a lot raunchier than the average Saturdays song. Lines like “you’re not a lady if you’re always on your knees”, “they wonder why most girls just spit it” and “I let you taste my rainbow” are probably the raunchiest but it’s lines like “he’s already got the milk so why would he go buy the cow” that make the song funny to listen to. Gentleman is probably the most Girls Aloud sounding song The Saturdays have released, rivalling songs such as The Show and Biology with its tongue-in-cheek and random lyrics.

The song’s only flaw is the name-dropping rap towards the end, but it still manages to be quite entertaining regardless.

At this point in their career, it’s about time The Saturdays changed things up a bit and it’s very daring of them not to go the safe route and release What About Us 2.0. Hopefully Gentleman can achieve the same success as What About Us.

You can watch the lyric video for Gentleman below:

Gentleman will be released on June 30th through Polydor Records.