Ke$ha – “Your Love Is My Drug” Video Premiere

Published May 13th 2010
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Ke$ha’s video for Your Love Is My Drug, the third single from her debut album Animal, premiered today. As a single, Your Love Is My Drug was a smart choice since it’s very similar to her debut TiK ToK, and it’s a sure fire hit for the summer. The video isn’t a typical Ke$ha video since she’s not drunk and she actually looks clean for once.

Your Love Is My Drug is set in the desert in which Ke$ha’s walks around singing, becomes a tiger, rides an elephant and tries to sail a boat on the sand before the video turns into a cartoon, presumably symbolising that her love for her boyfriend in the video is like a drug hallucination.

For the middle-eight of the song, the video shows Ke$ha in the dark with UV paint all over her body similar to her performance of Your Love Is My Drug on Saturday Night Live. The use of UV paint seems to be done quite a lot lately and can be seen in recent videos such as Alphabeat’s DJ, Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling and more.

The talking part at the end of the song, which could have been a disaster in the video, was carried out surprisingly well. While the video is decent overall, it could have been better had the cartoon scenes been omitted.

Your Love Is My Drug is released June 6th through RCA Records.

Cheryl Sings “Live” Again

Published March 29th 2010
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While I like Cheryl Cole and overlooked the fact that she mimes her way through most performances because of the demanding, energetic routines which put on a good show, it’s no excuse for any singer to mime while standing still.

Cheryl “performed” Fight For This Love on French radio on a show similar to Radio One’s Live Lounge in the UK, standing still behind a mic stand, mouthing the lyrics to a pre-recorded vocal of Fight For This Love out of sync. What’s worse is there was no need for her to mime since there was no dance routine involved and she proved that she’s more than capable of doing a decent live performance as she did last week with her current UK single Parachute and a cover of Owl City’s Fireflies on Radio One’s Live Lounge in the UK. Fight For This Love is not a vocally demanding song and a singer should be able to breeze through it with no problems.

On top of that, the pre-recorded vocal which Cheryl mimed to while rooted to the spot, was the exact same pre-recorded, purposely flawed vocal that she used for her performances of Fight For This Love at The Brits and the Danish version of The X Factor. The least she could do is record a new vocal for each performance to make it sound somewhat convincing.

At this rate, when Cheryl returns to the UK, she’ll be marched straight into the studio to lay down purposely flawed, pre-recorded vocals for the entire setlist as supporting act for The Black Eyed Peas European tour this summer.

Fergie Plans Sophomore Album

Published February 20th 2010
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Fergie is planning her follow-up to 2006’s The Dutchess while touring with The Black Eyed Peas on their world tour in support of The E.N.D. Her sophomore album will apparently see her go in a rockier direction having just collaborated with Slash on his upcoming solo project.

In an interview with Metal Hammer magazine Slash said:

I might actually do a rock record with Fergie, because she wants to do a rock record so I might get involved with her on that. She’s got this killer rock ‘n’ roll voice.

Fergie’s album will either have to wait until after, or coincide with, her upcoming plans with The Black Eyed Peas who are set to release something this summer.

I Gotta Sucky Feeling

Published January 26th 2010
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Muzic Junkie’s Sound Cloud account hadn’t been used properly yet so to start it off, I uploaded a mash up of two number 1 singles from 2009; I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas and My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson. They both fit quite well together.

Check it out:

I’ll post more of these mash ups when I make some.

“If We Ever Meet Again”…Again

Published January 06th 2010
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We blogged about this song few weeks ago just after the release of Timbaland’s third album Shock Value 2. Timbaland’s duet with Katy Perry, If We Ever Meet Again, is now set for a single release. The video was shot in December and the single is pencilled in for a February 15th release in the UK.

Timbaland said in a recent interview with MTV:

When I did this song, I was in love with this record called … you’re gonna be surprised. The record didn’t have anything to do with [If We Ever Meet Again], but when I heard I Gotta Feeling, I said, “I want a record just like that on my album”. I said, “I gotta do me a I Gotta Feeling record”. Me and one of my producers, Jim Beanz, we came up with this concept. I said, [I Gotta Feeling] is happy, but I like it.’ It gives a good feeling.

Get ready to hear If We Ever Meet Again played to death for months in every club following its February 15th release.