Kelly Clarkson – “Wrapped In Red” Album Details

Published September 06th 2013
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Kelly Clarkson has revealed the track listing for her upcoming Christmas album Wrapped In Red. The album includes 5 original songs as well as Christmas classics.


The track listing includes:

  1. Wrapped In Red
  2. Underneath The Tree
  3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  4. Run Run Rudolph
  5. Please Come Home For Christmas (Bells Will Be Ringing)
  6. Every Christmas
  7. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (featuring Ronnie Dunn)
  8. Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song)
  9. White Christmas
  10. My Favourite Things
  11. 4 Carats
  12. Just For Now
  13. Silent Night (featuring Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood)

I can’t wait to hear Kelly’s version of Imogen Heap’s Just For Now. Underneath The Tree is the lead single which is produced by Greg Kurstin.

Wrapped In Red is out on October 25th.

Kelly Clarkson – “Tie It Up” Radio Premiere

Published June 19th 2013
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Kelly Clarkson premiered her new single Tie It Up on Go Country 105. It’s basically identical to the live version that Kelly performed last week at the CMA Music Festival.

I still don’t understand what project this single is going to be part of. Kelly recently said that she’s recording a Christmas album while also working on a new studio album which will be released next year. She said that there would be both pop and country singles taken from the album but it seems too soon to be releasing a single from an album not slated for release until next year. So I think this single might just be a once-off song she’s releasing for the fun of it.

Kelly is asking fans to submit their wedding photos via the Twitter hashtag #TieItUpVideo for the lyric video for Tie It Up.

Listen to the studio version of Tie It Up below:

Tie It Up will be available on iTunes on June 25th.

Kelly Clarkson – “Tie It Up” New Country Single

Published June 10th 2013
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tieitupKelly Clarkson premiered her new country single Tie It Up at the CMA Music Festival on Saturday.

While it’s not the kind of song you’d expect from Kelly, there’s something about it that sounds promising. The closest thing Kelly has done to Tie It Up would be Yeah from her album My December, although the former is much catchier.

Kelly also posted the single cover for Tie It Up on her WhoSay account which features Kelly in a wedding dress. It seems like maybe Kelly is just having fun with a single like this before her wedding. However, it’s strange that she’s premiering a new single right now when People Like Us is still being promoted.

Tie It Up has no release date yet but hopefully we’ll hear the studio version soon.

You can listen to Kelly performing Tie It Up below:

Kelly Clarkson – “People Like Us” Video Premiere

Published May 28th 2013
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peoplelikeuscoverKelly Clarkson’s video for People Like Us premiered on her official VEVO. The video is about Kelly working as a scientist but she doesn’t agree with experimenting on a girl so she helps the girl escape.

The product placement in the video is a bit too in-your-face. Kelly takes a picture in the lab with a Nokia which isn’t the worst piece of product placement but the BMW that Kelly drives the girl away in is a bit too much. Also the green screen background during the escape scenes is very cheaply done. It looks like a background from the game Need For Speed.

However, Kelly looks amazing in the video, especially in the performance scenes. The concept is really good too but it could’ve done with a better execution (and possibly a larger budget).

Check out the video below:

People Like Us is available on iTunes.

Kelly Clarkson – “People Like Us” Video Preview

Published May 25th 2013
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Kelly Clarkson’s video for People Like Us will premiere this Tuesday May 28th on VEVO. E! News broadcasted a preview of the video.

It looks like the video is going to be energetic to match the song. And for the third video in a row, Kelly’s not seen performing with a band.

Check out the preview:

People Like Us is out now on iTunes.