Bonnie McKee – “American Girl” New Single

Published June 27th 2013
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Bonnie McKee has released her new single American Girl as a free download via her official site. She has also released a video for the track similar to the viral videos for Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. The video features cameos from tonnes of singers and celebrities including Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Macklemore and Carly Rae Jepsen herself.

Bonnie, whose written for most of the artists in the video, might finally get the recognition she deserves with such a huge track like American Girl. It’s a Teenage Dream style anthem with a massive chorus, full of catchy melodies and hooks.

However, it’s a bit sad that most people will think Bonnie’s copying the sound of Katy Perry, Ke$ha, etc. when she’s behind a lot of their biggest hits. Hopefully with American Girl being so catchy, the comparisons might get overlooked.

Check out the video for American Girl below:

American Girl is available for free from Bonnie’s official site.

Ke$ha – “Crazy Kids” Video Premiere

Published May 29th 2013
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crazykidsKe$ha’s video for Crazy Kids, the third single from Warrior, premiered last night on MTV.

The video features but it’s unknown whether there’s another video featuring Pitbull for international markets.

The video is one of Ke$ha’s worst. Her miming to the track is edited badly so she’s out of sync with the track. wasn’t available on the day of filming so his head is edited onto someone else’s body in an astronaut suit. Aside from that, not much happens in the video.

You can check the video out below:

Crazy Kids is available now on iTunes.

Britney Spears – “Ooh La La” New Single

Published May 17th 2013
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smurf-art-britney-spears-oohlalaBritney Spears’ new single Ooh La La for The Smurfs 2 soundtrack has made its way onto the internet. The song is written by Dr. Luke and Bonnie McKee. The production is typical Dr. Luke repeating himself as it sounds like something that would’ve been on Ke$ha’s album. It also contains some of Bonnie’s vocals layered with Britney’s.

There’s not much to the song but it’s nice to listen to. The chorus has a strong melody which reminds me a bit of Madonna’s Superstar from the way the “ooh la la” parts are sung.

Listen to Ooh La La below:

Edit: Britney confirmed via Twitter that this is only the demo:

@britneyspears: I heard an early demo of #OohLaLa smurfed its way onto the internet today :( The real version will be at radio and iTunes June 16th :)

Edit: This “early demo” turned out to be identical to the final version.

Diana Vickers – “The Boy Who Murdered Love”

Published June 02nd 2010
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Diana Vickers’ second single, The Boy Who Murdered Love, from her debut album, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree, premiered today. In comparison to her debut video for Once, The Boy Who Murdered Love was not shot in a studio but it contain lots of cartoon animations throughout. These kind of animations in videos seem to be popular lately, as they are also used in Ke$ha’s video for Your Love Is My Drug. However, unlike the latter, the cartoon animations look very fitting in The Boy Who Murdered Love.

The video is set at Diana’s house in various rooms where she is seen surrounded by love letters, dead roses, old photographs and a vinyl player. The cartoon animations around her make her house seem like a crime scene where the “murder of love” took place. Other cartoons include a bow and arrows, roses changing from red to black, angel wings, wall and floor cracks, the house filling with water and a tomb stone with “LOVE R.I.P.” engraved on it in the garden.

The video references the movie The Shining. Diana’s ex-boyfriend in the video is seen holding a mug shot card displaying “REDRUM” (“MURDER” spelled backwards) as seen in the movie. The scenes of Diana in the bath in her clothes and the house filling with water while crumbling down are also references to The Shining. At the end of the video, Diana is seen walking up a cartoon yellow brick road alongside a sign for “Happiness”, with a rainbow overhead which references The Wizard of Oz also.

Overall, the video for The Boy Who Murdered Love is a step in the right direction for Diana as it perfectly captures who she is as an artist which the video for Once failed to portray.

The Boy Who Murdered Love will be released on July 12th through RCA Records.

Ke$ha – “Your Love Is My Drug” Video Premiere

Published May 13th 2010
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Ke$ha’s video for Your Love Is My Drug, the third single from her debut album Animal, premiered today. As a single, Your Love Is My Drug was a smart choice since it’s very similar to her debut TiK ToK, and it’s a sure fire hit for the summer. The video isn’t a typical Ke$ha video since she’s not drunk and she actually looks clean for once.

Your Love Is My Drug is set in the desert in which Ke$ha’s walks around singing, becomes a tiger, rides an elephant and tries to sail a boat on the sand before the video turns into a cartoon, presumably symbolising that her love for her boyfriend in the video is like a drug hallucination.

For the middle-eight of the song, the video shows Ke$ha in the dark with UV paint all over her body similar to her performance of Your Love Is My Drug on Saturday Night Live. The use of UV paint seems to be done quite a lot lately and can be seen in recent videos such as Alphabeat’s DJ, Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling and more.

The talking part at the end of the song, which could have been a disaster in the video, was carried out surprisingly well. While the video is decent overall, it could have been better had the cartoon scenes been omitted.

Your Love Is My Drug is released June 6th through RCA Records.